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Media Wall & Processor

Video wall processors are available with a wide range of features and capabilities. Many of them relate to system performance, image quality, and reliability, while others can help streamline system design and integration needs targeted at specific vertical market applications. Support for these features will vary by manufacturer and model. When selecting a videowall processor, it is important to understand more than just which source formats, and how many input and output channels must be supported. Assessing the environment and application for the videowall will help identify the most critical features a videowall processor must support.

We SSBIPL will take care the below consideration on selection of Video wall Processor

  • Architecture : Embedded/PC based or Hybrid
  • 4K UHD Capability Input/output
  • Inputs Digital
  • Inputs Analog
  • Outputs
  • IP Stream Decode & Display
  • Multiple Wall Support
  • Runs Windows Applications
  • Output Rotation
  • Windows Any size Anywhere
  • Windows Label
  • Matrix Switching Capability

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